Top 5 Popular Study Abroad Courses: A Guide to Fresher Students  

If you have read our previous blogs, then you know how to choose the right study-abroad destination and the right university. We have summarized that information keeping your requirements in mind. 

After finalising your study-abroad destination and university, you remain unaware of the courses those institutes are offering. Moreover, you fail to understand what are some popular courses that your peers are pursuing. 

Under unnecessary guidance from your relatives and other so-called experts, you trap yourself in a limited window of opportunities. 

However, you don’t have a keen interest in pursuing something fancy and rather want to go for those popular courses that we have talked about earlier. 

Today, to help you out of the dilemma, we have shortlisted the top 5 most popular courses pursued by international students. 

  1. Business & Management 

Business & Management is one of the most popular and finest courses that is pursued by 32% of the global student community. The versatile course prepares you for an everlasting career that shapes you into a reputed and worthy individual capable of handling a large business empire. Over the period, you will be trained & nurtured under the core principles and practices of running successful businesses specialising in finance, marketing, human resources and operations & strategy. Additionally, you will improve your cognitive skills and develop your leadership, communication and problem-solving skills. 

Business and management courses are offered by top universities across the US, UK, Canada and Australia. These countries host some of the top-ranked global business schools and offer students excellent opportunities like networking, internships and employment. 

  1. Engineering 

If you have little interest in pursuing business courses, then you can opt for Engineering. It is the second most popular study-abroad course equipping you with the skills and knowledge of an engineer. As you enter the realm of building, you will be responsible for crafting and innovating for society. Your ability will lie in developing and creating new products benefiting humankind and easing their lives. Over the period you will acquire knowledge to design, build and improve upon existing systems. 

Top global universities offer undergrad & post-grad engineering courses spanning out to different branches. You have the liberty to choose from civil, mechanical, electrical or computer engineering with some additional specialisation. Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, and Japan are some of the highly reputed countries having top engineering universities. These institutions provide you access to modern research facilities, quality education and guaranteed placement opportunities. 

  1. Computer Science 

Computer Science is one of the most lucrative study-abroad courses that has attracted the attention of lots of international students. During the course, you will get hands-on experience in creating and using software systems powering modern systems. You will get an immersive knowledge of the development structure of modern computers and work on developing new algorithms, programming languages, databases, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. As a computer science student, you will dive into professional fields like web development, data science, software or game development. 

Students around the globe prefer universities from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Israel for pursuing a degree in computer science. These countries have some of the best research infrastructure and provide ample opportunities for innovation and amazing training for employment. 

  1. Medicine and Healthcare 

Being a professional healthcare enthusiast, you will get robust opportunities in a foreign land. During the tenure of the course, you will get extensive knowledge about the human body, the healthcare industry and medicines. As you progress with your study, you will be able to treat individuals, know more about administering correct medicines and even work on setting up your own clinic. You will even get trained under qualified medical professionals and get deep knowledge about the profession. 

If you are planning to study medicine and healthcare then you must choose from the US, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and Germany. These countries have the best resources and provide you with amazing research and training facilities that help you become a reputed and skilled medical professional. 

  1. Art and Design 

Art and Design is one of the most respected and creative study-abroad options available for international students. As an aspiring art and design student, you will express your artistic vision and talent in front of the world and showcase your skill in exhibitions. Moreover, through this course, you can learn more about the history and culture of art and design as well as techniques that are used in this field. It will improve your creativity and sharpen your conceptual skills. 

As an art and design student, you can pursue a degree in fine arts, graphic design or fashion design. Some of the best countries to study art and design are Italy, France, Spain, the UK, Germany, Japan and Australia. These countries have the most prestigious and influential art schools producing hundreds of famous personalities in the field. 


These are not just the only courses available to you. However, these five courses are the most popular among international students and provide you with a good career, freedom to research & innovate and build a strong presence in the market. You are free to choose from any of these courses, but you should always remember that it is not the courses that make us, it is us that shape the path. 

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