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Visa Processing

With a valid visa, your dream study destination is just a step away. However, securing a visa can be a tedious task that demands planning & expertise. With TUA’s expert visa counsellors, availing of a student visa was never been so easy. We will assist you from application to filing ensuring that you get your visa without any delay. Through our expert channels, we have mastered the art of acquiring quick visas for our students.

Achieving High Visa Success Rates Worldwide

One of the most critical steps to studying abroad is obtaining a valid visa. It grants you the permission to enter, stay and study in a country for a specific time. But filing a visa isn’t a one-step process and you would need the guidance of a trained visa counsellor to help you get one.

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Our Benefits

Complete guidance on visa documentation
Expert training session for visa interview
Quick & hassle-free visa approval
Proven Record of 97% success rate
Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

Why Us?

Why TUA?

Get the best-in-class guidance from TUA to help you live your study-abroad dream
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