Financial Guidance

We know that studying in a foreign land can stretch your pocket but not with us. With our simplified loan application process, we are committed to turning your study-abroad dream into a reality. Let our experts worry about your loan process while you focus on your dream university. Our NBFC partners will ensure that your education loan gets approved in no time with minimalistic documents.

Tailored Financial Solutions to Match Your University Needs

As a student, you might have dreams but are limited by budget. For that, we have the perfect solution. Our financial assistance programme will get you all the help you need in a new country. Forget worrying about accommodation or tuition fees, with our efficient and quick loan approval process, you can live the life you always wanted.

Our Benefits

Secure education loans from top financial institutions
Options from secured and unsecured loans
Complete documentation and loan application guidance
Quick disbursal

Why Us?

Why TUA?

Get the best-in-class guidance from TUA to help you live your study-abroad dream