Top 10 Universities in the UK for Masters in 2024

Top 10 Universities in the UK for Masters in 2024 1

Did you know that in 2022, 2.86 million international students studied in the UK?  

Interestingly, 15.8% of these students are pursuing their bachelor’s, and 40.5% have opted for post-graduate studies. 

Now, in 2024, if you are thinking about getting a master’s degree in the United Kingdom, you will have an opportunity to have an excellent academic and cultural time. The United Kingdom is home to some of the best Universities in the world, specifically renowned for their research, faculty, and students from around the globe. One can get help from UK education consultants to choose the best university for them.  

Today, look at the list of 10 UK universities for master’s degrees in the 2024 academic year.  

Top 10 Universities in the United Kingdom 
1. University of Oxford   

Oxford University, founded in 1096, is widely considered among the world’s best. It offers numerous master’s degrees in humanities, sciences, and social sciences. The university’s tutorial system fosters students’ academic needs and the development of their critical abilities.   

Notable Programmes:  

  • MSc in Computer Science  
  • MPhil in International Relations  
  • MSc in Environmental Change and Management  

2. University of Cambridge

Cambridge University is one of the oldest universities in the world, and to this date, it was established in 1209. It provides students with different master’s programs in its 31 colleges. Cambridge has always focused on research and developing students into independent thinkers, which makes the university particularly suited to postgraduate education.   

Notable Programmes:  

  • MPhil in Finance  
  • MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development  
  • MPhil in Biotechnology  

3. Imperial College London   

Imperial College London is one of London’s highly accredited learning institutions. Founded in 1907, it is well-known for its science, engineering, medicine, and business courses. Imperial is situated in London, which allows students to have access to modern research equipment and opportunities to work with key industrial players.  

Notable Programmes:  

  • MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning  
  • MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering  
  • MSc in Strategic Marketing  

4. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)  

Established in 1895, LSE is well-known as one of the leading providers of education in social sciences. It is a perfect selection for students who want to deepen their knowledge in economics, politics, sociology, and other connected disciplines. The LSE’s location in central London provides its students with a vibrant city life.  

Notable Programmes:  

  • MSc in Economics  
  • MSc in International Relations  
  • MSc in Social Policy  

5. University College London (UCL)  

UCL was founded in 1826 and is celebrated as one of the more progressive universities, emphasising education and research. It provides the most significant number of master’s degrees in various fields of study. UCL has many interdisciplinary research centres that promote multidisciplinary learning and research among professionals.  

Notable Programmes:  

  • MSc in Urban Development Planning  
  • MSc in Neuroscience  
  • MSc in Global Health and Development  

6. University of Edinburgh  

The University of Edinburgh was established in 1582 and is a historic institution with a lot of progressive thinking. Currently, the university provides numerous master’s degrees, especially in humanities, social, and science streams. The presence of many shops, eateries, and bars, as does the architecture of the city of Edinburgh, also contributes to the experience.  

Notable Programmes:  

  • MSc in Data Science 
  • MSc in International Business and Emerging Markets  
  • MSc in Public Health Research  

7. King’s College London  

KCL was established in 1829 and operates in an urban environment, providing its students with a diverse city experience. It is highly regarded for its research, and the university offers many master’s programmes, especially in health sciences, law, and humanities.  

Notable Programmes:  

  • MSc in Global Health and Social Justice  
  • MSc in War Studies  
  • MSc in Mental Health Studies  

8. University of Manchester  

The University of Manchester, established in 1824 as the Mills Textile Institute, is one of the largest universities in the UK in terms of student number and research activity. It provides a broad spectrum of master’s degrees and a comprehensive engineering, humanities, and business curriculum.  

Notable Programmes:  

  • MSc in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology  
  • MSc in Data Science  
  • MSc in International Business and Management  

9. University of Warwick  

The University of Warwick was established in 1965 and is one of the young universities in the United Kingdom. It has a modern campus and a research-oriented approach to learning. It provides numerous master’s degree programs and a strong focus on business, engineering, and social sciences.  

Notable Programmes:  

  • MSc in Behavioral and Economic Science  
  • MSc in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management  
  • MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship  

10. University of Bristol  

The University of Bristol, established in 1876, has always been viewed as one of the best learning institutions. It has an active student community and many graduate programs, especially in science, engineering, and social sciences.  

Notable Programmes:  

  • MSc in Environmental Policy and Management  
  • MSc in Quantum Engineering  
  • MSc in International Relations  

Why Hire a Consultancy?  

Deciding on a university where one will continue one’s studies and acquire a master’s degree is one of the most important decisions one can make. Britain is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations, and it provides you with many options for choosing universities recognised for their research, faculty, and lively campus atmosphere.  

Finding the appropriate university can be difficult, especially for first-time attendees, which is why studying in UK consultants is essential. They can help you choose the best university and aim to support your education abroad with customised services to ensure that you make the right choices.  


Selecting the university of your choice for a master’s degree is very important for personal and career development. There are many excellent universities in the UK, each with advantages and potential areas of specialisation. Whether you’re keen on technical or humanities, business or social sciences, you’ll choose the program to help you achieve your aim.  

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